Saturday, December 17, 2011

Right up there..

It's been quite sometime I wrote anything here in my Blog. Though I always had my laptop bridging me with rest of the world through internet, life wasn't all that easy to lead for the past month or so. I really am missing my family back in Bangalore, the hectic life there, the jam-packed traffic, the crowded BMTC, the vacant Vajra, the pollution, the never-ending political drama and so on. Well, thousands of miles away from home and everything else, my life day in and day out has only been in the laboratory with microscopic embryos - the very early budding forms of life.

Embryos I worked with..

Being born and brought up in the Pensioner’s Paradise Bangalore, I have rarely gotten any chance to make a living in a place where even the Sun chills - the foothills of Himalayas. Being a proud and responsible Indian, I don't regret for not being able to write more about the place in which am right now; for this being a High Alert Border Security Defense Zone. On arrival, we were instructed not to take snaps in the surrounding areas; when our great soldiers are literally freezing out here safeguarding the Country, we should be doing everything possible to support them and protect ourselves. I did follow the instructions strictly.

Many a times looking at the calendar portraits, I was wondering how it would have been if me given a chance to jump into the midst of the snow-caped Himalayan Mountains. It's only now I got to realize the fact that there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of Great Himalayas other than in the portraits; for living in such a place definitely isn't possible, at least for me.

Himalayan Mountains
Image : Annapurna Vista

Life here, is too short in the daytime. Being used to wake up at around half past four in the morning at Bangalore, it was all new to me seeing people getting geared up at around half past ten in the morning, only exception being the school-going kids. Sun fails to keep our body warm even when he is shining bright in the clear sky at noon and makes his way off the mountains by half past five in the evening; life comes to a stand still two hours from then.

End of the year 2011 was a tough one for me to deal with my wife. Reason being, I moved to Delhi to miss our first Deepavali festival after marriage in the month of October and later, came here to miss our first Wedding Anniversary in the end of November. It really isn't easy to compensate for these two losses; neither it is possible to live with it. So, I have planned for a relaxing year-end vacation with my wife at Manali in Himachal Pradesh; the only place which I felt to visit for the second time in my life.

Am going to be away from the New Year celebrations back home as I will be returning to Bangalore only in Jan 2012. Ahead is Manali..

Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Image Courtesy: Himachal Tourism