Friday, December 17, 2010

Kick on their..

Image © Prajavani
Villagers boycott upcoming Panchayat Election for being deprived of basic facilities.

They demand not a stay in 'Resort'; true! All they need are the very basic facilities like road for transportation and drinking water to be made available in their village Haralahalli, Maddur Taluk.

Till date I was very happy for not shirking form my responsibility of being a sensible citizen in the biggest democracy; never have missed casting my vote in any elections since I turned magical 'eighteen'. But now, I feel really ashamed of being responsible for having put the possible best corrupts to rule us.

"None of them are good enough", I use to think looking at the contestants list at election. Just because they have invented the electronic voting machine, it doesn't mean to go push any one of the many buttons available. Hopefully, I never may leave my finger impression on the voting machine anymore.

"Boycotting elections will not help to bring the able to rule", told one of my elders when we were discussing about the issue. But, for that, I also don't want to help and bring the corrupts to rule! Personally, I feel, boycotting Panchayat Elections by villagers will definitely gonna be a  nice "kick on their a$$" for being bothered least by what they were actually elected for. Hopefully many of the sensible citizens will join their LEGS to make the KICK much more stronger.

Cheers to DeMoCrAcY!!

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