Monday, March 21, 2011


Heading Towards..??

Exactly a month ago, 21st February 2011, was the last post published on my Blog! It isn't fair - SHAME .. SHAME!!

Life seems to be a blindfolded rat race, suddenly. I wasn't carried away before by things as it was for the past month or so. Literally, I was not able to live life my way! By chance rather than choice, lot many responsibilities piled up on my tiny shoulders and made me feel the real pressure in tonnes at work. Days seemed to be too hectic and nights never were so short. Sleep is something I have been longing for very badly, in the recent past.

'Health is Wealth' - it really is.. brief episode of illness a fortnight ago made me realize that. And.. (my cell phone rings)

Me: Hello..
What are you doing dear? - my wife at the other end, on her way back from office
Am walking towards Spencer's, can you join me there?
What you want to buy?
Some fruits and veg..
Buy & come na..
It will take only two minutes for you to reach - she was trying not to lose her temper
Am coming..

Disconnected the call and left my cell phone on bed; didn't want to pick any more calls. It hardly took two minutes for me to reach Spencer's but couldn't get out from there for the next 20 minutes. On reaching back, wasn't able to continue writing since my little niece & my wife are good friends and they can hardly keep silence. I only could sit staring at the monitor, trying to figure out my original path of this post and dinner was ready by then.

Having ate stomach-full, much of the blood pumped by heart was rushing towards abdomen than head, making the frequency of my thoughts too low to get transcribed into words. As I had decided this morning of making a definite comeback in my Blog, at least something was already written to hit the Publish button. Trying to make a note of the way I was lost in this materialistic life lately, I had found myself again lost..!!


  1. Thanks, Sujatha. Grabbed it from Google Images :o)


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