Thursday, May 31, 2012

mom n me..

In recent years, the rate at which Caesarean Section is performed during child birth has risen; up to a record level of nearly the second quartile - (Q2).

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Mom: Dear.. you seem to have grown 'silent' lately..?
Child-in-Womb: Not really maa..

(long pause)

How long is it from now till I be born?
Need not wait for too long.. it's almost full term & you soon would be in the external world.. to be born is your preference alone
There is only one reason I still would love that happen..
One reason..?
Yea.. want to see my 'Dad'!
Oh dear! Hes been eagerly waiting for you & sure you are blessed with the best ever 'Dad'..
Am I.., mom??
Yes you are, my child..


Are you sleepy?
Naa.. I prefer not to; want to live this phase of my life to its fullest
That's my wish too.. (gently pats the baby beneath her womb).. you definitely will get to live the rest of your life to it's fullest.. that's our responsibility, anyways
I fear.. may not
What on the earth made you think so?
I see your dreams are very often so scary..
Common.. most of my dreams are no better than just imagination!
Imagination or anticipation.. dreams might lie but not your heart.. I easily read it beat of fear!


How do I figure out my gender, mom?
Why should you?!!
If not me now, the 'world' later would do..
The 'world' is crazy, don't be bothered much


I love you, my child..
I too, mom. But the 'world' wouldn't if I don't get my gender just right

(long pause)

Can you rest a bit more on your back maa? My shoulder is aching
Ok.. are you fine now?
Yes.. a lot better. Thanks maa


What made you think of me, mom?
There's been a lot of expectation that I give birth to you after your Dad and me got married
It's the same pressure almost all women undergo.. which ends up with the pleasure of giving birth to a life
Not just 'life', mom; it's all about a 'boy' or 'girl'
Well, we are least bothered by that
'Life' isn't just we three. 'World' is cruel, isn't it?


Maa, whats 'heaven'?
Believed to be a paradise, where Gods & Angels live..
And, 'hell'?
Realm of evil & suffering..
Mumma.. I prefer to live in 'heaven' than being born in 'hell'
Yet another caesarean section; 'world' smiles, the 'child' cries..


  1. Floored over by that last line.
    "I prefer to live in heaven than being born in hell."
    Thanks for such a simple yet profound write-up. Cheers. :->

  2. oh my god so touching... and the image in the post is so very beautiful. Loved this post Prashanth. Excellently written

  3. God Prashanth.. You do not know how I missed your posts. You had got busy too.
    This post touched me.
    But, when I was going through unbearable labor pain, I pleaded all my doctors to give me for a C-section. They did not agree. I am glad they didn't.
    The natural process helps the child health too. Doctors said.

  4. Ramya, thanks! I just tried to imagine how the sentiment works between a growing baby n mom. Think if it was written by a mom herself, the outcome would have been much more authenticated-ly 'touching' :o)

    Sahana, nice to see you back here after quite a short break. For me, to publish a post, it's like fighting a battle and winning! Thanks for your encouraging words, which keeps me writing. Yup, it's always better if things happen the 'natural' way :o)

  5. Hello Pacchiee, Very impressed with this blog. It is very rare to read something which has so much of feeling in it.

    I see an underlying fear of Mother as well in this blog, there are many places where the question and answers seem to be interchangeable (Pardon me if I am reading it incorrectly). For example, the discussion on "Gender" and "Dreams" shows a subtle nature of Mothers fear as well.

    Overall good read on a Friday evening which I guess shall keep our brains busy over the week end before Monday blues start a new week ..........

  6. Vivek, thanks :o)

    And, you read my words right! I not only tried to express feelings but kept some hidden to be disclosed within the reader's mind. The title 'mom n me' is to spotlight the feelings n fears of both, since a child in womb is an integral part of mom!

    Happy weekend :o)

  7. this was really something. the conversation, the way you brought out the main issue ...very nice
    and more nice is to see a man who could put himself in the shoes of a woman and 'feel' and respond to these emotions like her even though just an imagination. yet it is very close to reality. the sensitivity is what stands out the most in this post

  8. Thanks so much, Sujatha. Nice to see you back here :o)

    Am glad that an authenticated person said the feelings n emotions are 'very close to reality'; guess my hard homework didn't go vain!

  9. Prashanth .. Its a lovely conversion you have put up :) Loved every bit of it ..

  10. Veena, thank you so much!

    Nice to see you back here on my Blog, commenting after a very long time. Keep coming :o)

  11. Hi Prashant,

    Came to your blog after a long time. I had stopped writing for sometime. I loved this post. The conversation between child and mom.. Loved it.

  12. Guddu, welcome back and thanks for your comments :o)

  13. very deep and touchy ......that too coming from a man

    1. Mam, firstly I extend you a warm welcome to my Blog! Thanks for your time here..

      With the second sentence of your comment, do you mean to say most men have no feelings? (just kidding..) :D

      Anyways.. thanks for your comments mam, it has inspired me to look back to some of my pending writeups in pipeline.


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