Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Whr ru, Mr. Politician and Party??

If you are a regular driver in Bangalore, am sure by now you are made 'Christopher Columbus' - for exploring all possible shortcuts to commute across; being born & brought up here in Bangalore, am no different. To save a few minutes while driving every morning to College, I take this street connecting Srinigar to Gavipuram (area where the well-known Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple is located). Gavipuram is also called as Kempegowda Nagar and the street am talking about ends in front of the Kempegowda Swimming Pool entrance.

On 31st May 2013, Friday morning, it was yet another drive-away for me in this congested-yet-convenient street on my way to College. Usually no thing off-the-road succeeds to drag my attention while driving; it was an unusual thing that caught my sight instantly at the end of the street - a blocked manhole, which had no other go than overflowing its content along the street walk path. I slowed down a bit to see where it ended up flowing - after a course of about 20-25 meters, the gushing filth found its way into a nearby road-side channel - thanks to Newton & Gravity!

(click image to enlarge)

The scene got no better the next day - 01st Jun; a day after - 02nd Jun; later on 03rd Jun. Today being day five since this was happening, I stopped by. As there was a huge building coming up adjacent and a pretty high compound wall of a well-built apartment on the other side, none other than few pedestrians were found around to talk to. Just because of the fact that the residents are a few handsome yards away, it was totally unfair to leave this blocked manhole unattended even after five days. It would be a shock if the residents haven't reported this to BWSSB yet and wouldn't be a surprise if the driver of BWSSB Kambi Truck (which cleans the clogged manhole) retired from his service on 31st May 2013.

Just a month ago almost all political leaders contesting for the then Karnataka Assembly Elections, 2013 & party were busy moving along this very street, literally 'begging' for votes from the residents of Ward No. 155, Hanumanthanagar. Many a times, election canvass was a major threat to the regular commuters on-road. Every contestant promised of making our 'dwelling' a 'fancy heaven on earth', which practically could be a day-dream for many years to come by. Youth, getting involved in active politics was the highlight of this assembly elections in the Constituency. THE ANSWER TO BAD POLITICS IS GOOD POLITICS, NOT NO POLITICS - agreed; agreed. But, good politics should definitely not end with elections, right? When leaders can successfully mobilize their volunteers for canvassing during elections, why not actively mobilize them to periodically patrol around the constituency to address the grievances of general public even after elections??

Dengue, this season, has slowly been able to penalize many of their invaluable lives; Hon'ble Chief Minister is in serious search of ways to supply cheap liquor to the poor; the elected MLAs are too busy demolishing some interior walls of Vidhanasoudha to make their stay a comfortable & memorable one and officials have a lot of other social services to 'deal' with (like the recent KPSC recruitment racket). In midst of all these - pity the public, please..


  1. This is exactly what I have put up in my blog too

    Why the hell are we voting??? why the public is still not aware of this should we boycott voting ??? I seriously am confused about this right of mine!!!

    The above incident is only one of many such incident in India so just imagine how bad or outdated are our rules\politics!!!

    I just pity myself!

  2. Ramya, I respect your thoughts; but have no clue how boycotting elections would help..

    Better solution would be - you, me and all of us who are at the receiving end today should enter active politics to bring about a change. What say?? :o)

  3. Very nicely written Prashanth.. I too agree with you.. instead of boycotting voting, vote for independent candidates who are willing to do something better like loksatta party..

  4. Raju, welcome back to my Blog - after a short break :o)

    Yup, you have hit the bulls eye; Loksatta party looked really promising and it has taken a long stride towards success too..


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