Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love You..

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14th February, 2003

It was just yet another morning, to me. Being in the final year of my Graduation Schooling, I have had an assumed feeling of freedom from the strong clutches of Academics. Since it was Friday, the weekend laziness had already crept a bit in. That, wasn't enough to stop me from attending the first hour Lecture at half past eight in the morning, anyways. Being forced to sit at the last desk for being always late to Class, it was no different from my everyday drowsy start at School.

Looking at the 'Cats Herald' - the Student's Editorial at the campus corridor, I found enough to learn that it was again Valentine's Day! I said 'again' because, many such days had passed by in my life then, without much of a significance. Not being bothered for getting late to the next Public Health Lecture, I did read every single word published on the Cats Herald, which was flooded over with 'Love'!!

It was thirty minutes past we had entered the Clinics, felt my cell phone vibrating 'gently'. Rushing to a lonely corner of the Out Patient Department, I answered the call;
Me - 'Hello..'
'Good morning, Prashanth!' - it was that Girl at the other end, whom I incidentally met almost nine months back. Our profession was different and so were our ways of life. By the end of the call, she had asked me to make some time in the evening to meet her, which I agreed upon - had no better work either!

Had to cut my usual longer evening nap shorter, since I was going to meet that Girl at around seven. However, it was almost half past seven when I rode my bike to our meeting destination; but, the Girl wasn't seen around. 'She always was punctual to commitments' I thought and started looking around to find her until my cell phone did put a break;
Me - 'Hello..'
'Am getting a little late, can you please wait for me?' - the same Girl. Sounded as though she had a genuine reason of excuse for being late.
'Will wait, for sure..' - I had no other answer.

A lot seemed to be happening in the City, that Valentine's Day. Archies Gallery were full, Coffee Day were crowded, Shopping Lanes were congested, Roses were sold out and Dark Corners were all occupied! Since I had no good habits of smoking and other such sort, being a mere witness to the busy Bangalore was the only option left.

My wrist watch struck nine when I saw the Girl almost 'running' towards me. She really was feeling sorry for making me wait so long, could easily make that out from her face. While the Girl was gasping;

Me - :o)
Girl - 'Sorry..' (gasp) 'am late coz..' (gasp)
Me - 'Relax..'

By the time she recovered from gasping, we had reached a nearby eatery. And it was crowded, we restricted ourselves to sip a cup of fresh fruit juice.

'My colleague was behind me since evening, couldn't deny him as a friend and so I got late..' - said the Girl.
Me - 'Yeah, saw him coming along with you in the bus stop. Hope he and few others had something important to say for the Day', said her kidding since I was told earlier what was happening around.
'Don't know why they can't understand..' - she said.
Me - 'How do I know either?'.

We had very little time that evening as her PG was to close by 9:30 pm. Arbitrary and vague were the discussions while we rode on bike towards her PG. It was few yards away from PG as usual, I stopped my bike to drop her. She stood besides me and looking into my eyes;

'Don't take it in a different way, I love you so much' - the Girl said and walked away into her PG before I could say anything in response. My throat was actually too dry to utter even a single word.

14th February, 2011

Eight long years have now passed by, I didn't dare to say anything to that Girl in response to her feelings, which painted my heart red. How mean! Isn't it? But, not anymore. That Girl is now my Wife and this is our first Valentine's Day after marriage, on which Day I would like to tell her;

'Take it in all possible ways, I love you so much..'


  1. touching! felt like i was reading a nice short story. liked the way u said, "take it in all possible ways"

  2. Sujatha, thank you so much :o)

    And, yes; I found no other way to say it now because am everything to her and she is everything to me.

    So, our real life seemed to be a short story to you? Ha ha ha..

  3. My chweet Husband..... Love you so much dear..... :0) let many years to pass.... me always be telling you "Don't take it in a different way.... Love you so much"......

  4. Awwww, that's so sweet..

    Congrats Prashanth on finding the love of your life. Not many are that lucky.

    You truly are blessed!

  5. Deepa, thank you; thank you! :D

    Veena, thank you dear. True love never fades, isn't it? :P

    Soumya, you are right. But, it wasn't me who found my love; my love found me in life, instead! :o)

  6. Aw! :-) May the happiness never end! :-)

  7. **likes**
    its just so sweet.
    may you have all the happiness in the world :)

  8. Each wish of yours does count, thanks Pari :o)

  9. Mast! When destiny wants people to meet and love, it just puts the words into the mouth as it had put feelings.

    Well written Prashant! May you two li(o)ve forever!

  10. Your wishes are so very sweet, thanks! :o)

    I guess, to Live with Love is the best thing that we ever get to happen in Life!

  11. Aww...I came to know this now...'s cute...this reminded me once u said u asked her about arundhati....hope u found it..jus remembered it casually..

    Happy married life to u both :)

  12. Gowthami, thank you so much for your wishes. We need more of them :o)

    Actually, no. We did not try to see the Arundhati star. I have bookmarked that post of yours and will definitely try to find it soon. Hunting stars in the dark sky is very interesting :o)


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