Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Those Three Days..

Those Three Days..
I had been to a nearby Medical Store couple of days ago, to buy few thermometers. Since I wanted minimum Ten of them, the shop-keeper kept me waiting for sometime while the owner arrived to explore thermometers in the midst of all the pharmaceuticals in store. A girl, looking to be in her early 20's came to the druggist asking for a pack of Whisper. I did realize later that it was an embarrassment for her to ask for what she wanted, since me, a guy was there around. She literally did 'whisper' while she asked for the 'Whisper'!

Up to the best of my remembrance, Whisper is the first product of its kind to gain popularity in the market. Manufacturer named it Whisper - the very trade name is indicative of it being something of high-class secrecy and shouldn't be spelled aloud. Being in the Medical Profession, I somehow am not convinced with it being named so; guess it isn't something to whisper about. I strongly suspect if it was the name 'Whisper', which made the product all that popular to begin with in the first place.

Giving the pads to girl, the Chemist at shop wrapped it inside old newspaper and packed in a black polythene cover. Still I wonder, why should a fresh pack of napkins be wrapped in a newspaper and given hidden inside a black polythene cover? Isn't it actually the way of disposing used pads off?! However, like many others, even that girl was so used to receive and carry such a packaged product, slipped herself off the place with it being placed in her handbag.

Menstruation, is as natural process as Salivation in physiological consideration, but definitely isn't an easy phase in life to get along with. I guess it wouldn't be easier for Men either to remain and claim physically stronger if made to bleed regularly at least for Three Days a month, continuously for thirty long years; losing up to 80 ml of fresh blood every time - it's seriously scary! Counting this on, am almost totally convinced that Women are the strongest creation of God on Planet Earth.

Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome following physiologic hormonal changes are not the easier ones to have felt; predominantly being tension, irritability and unhappiness. It often is also commonly associated with non-specific symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, increased emotional sensitivity, stress, difficulty in falling asleep, painful cramping in abdomen, back & upper thighs, cyclic acne, joint pains etc. Going through all such things for almost more than half of their lives, it really is a challenge every Women has to face by chance; which they have been doing pretty well, in 'Silence'.

Modern Women in the Civilized World do enough to express their consideration of Menstruation as a Curse. This cannot be termed obstinate, but fact is that they see it as one of the major shortcomings for them to be equivalent to Men. It is a misconception in the minds of young Women that Modernization is all about enjoying equal status as Men do in the Society. Wise is to perceive Modernization as a drift in the Society wherein Women are not deprived of their basic necessities & rights, and are given enough opportunities all over.

I personally feel, Periods shouldn't just be deserving a Whisper ; instead, they truly should be obliged with a call aloud for Social Responsibility, initiated at the basic unit of Society - the Family. It should become an assumed obligation on every member of the family to help Women midst them to get over the physical, physiological and psychological challenges of Menstruation. Just a word of love and a hug of care would make a huge difference than those acts which make them feel a sort of untouchable and inauspicious. In this present Virtual World where we are making a successful living, it shouldn't be impossible for us finding various ways to virtually share this pain of Women, isn't it?? It's only then the campaign - have a happy period from Whisper would be a reality.


  1. Thought provoking write-up Prashanth.
    Women feel insecure in the society, the reason as you observed maybe the way she has been treated during those days.
    But, as a woman, I say that regular menstruation has been one of the causes for her fertility.
    Woman is different!She bears the child for the society.

    Treating equally in terms of education, career etc is different. But, the responsibility certainly differs for the genders.

  2. Our nation is just one of a kind where talking about 'Sex' and stuff like the 'Women's Curse - Periods' is still seen as a cliche and not as a topic of discussion! Waiting for the realisation to seep in among people!

  3. Spicy Sweet, yes! I did guess how that girl might have been treated during those days. And, this is where I think the change should be initiated - The Family.

    Divya, nice to see you back here in my Blog. It hurts when you still say Periods are a Curse for Women. It isn't; it really isn't. Anyways, it isn't your mistake to perceive Periods that way; bias lies on the part of Society. So, do you think it was unfair that me chose this topic for a writeup in my Blog?

  4. the thing that struck me was u actually blogged about this ! way to go ... MAN !! :))

    i dont know if u know this but even today in villages & in 'traditional'families, those 3 days are considered 'dirty' days & the girl/woman is made to be in a separate room or not mingle/touch others/not attend any function etx etx

    even so-called educated ppl follow it

    btw, the first brand was carefree - belted version

  5. Sujatha, I wanted to write more about what actually happens to Women in a so-called Traditional Family during those days. But, somehow pulled myself back expecting it would come up in comments section and you did it!

    Along with the burden undergone within, Women are to face the torture from the outside world. This is something that should be thought seriously about and she should be given all the support possible. I always strongly feel that any mass revolution we wanted to happen in the Society, it should be initiated in Family first.

    Carefree.. haven't heard of it before :o)

  6. One of the best write-ups I have read of yours, Prashanth. Kudos! :-)

    I used to be the girl you described in the post until I realized "what-the-hell!"

    And I agree with your point about Whisper being called thus.

    By the way, I have a T-shirt that says: "PMS-Punish Men Severely" ;-)
    I didn't even know what PMS stood for when I bought it!

  7. Thanks Deepa! :o)

    It actually was a post that spent a lot of time in my Draft-bin. However, I strongly sense my thoughts failing to get transformed to words in this post.

    And, better you not wear your PMS tee too very often :P

  8. Not at all Prashanth! People should stop seeing this as a cliche! There shouldn't be a problem when it is taken as a topic of discussion :-)

  9. Divya, since I have taken this topic for discussion and there isn't any problem, can we conclude that days have already changed?

    I just want to tell you that we shouldn't wait for changes to happen, instead should try and initiate it ourselves straightaway :o)

  10. Prashanth,
    very happy to see men blog about this, you are setting an example. This is where I would say education matters, but thing is even today educated people are not open enough to discuss such things...

    I am loud and clear, no whispering about this!!!

  11. Ramya, you are right! Education does matter. I guess there needs some sort of initiation as foundation from where people get to build upon. Someone should be taking the responsibility to lead from front. And, clearly, now we lack real leaders with healthy intentions who can bring about changes in the Society.

    Well, proud to see your 'loud and clear' decision not to whisper about it. Keep it up :o)

  12. Prashant,
    At least some people can afford use and throw whisper,carefree,stayfree etc etc.
    But, have you given a thought on poor people? they certainly cannot afford these modern techniques.
    Recently in some remote village, a girl used rags to manage her menstruation. She washed the cloth and put it to dry in her backyard. A harmful insect settled on the rag. Without noticing the insect’s presence, she used this rag the next day.Unfortunately the insect entered her body through the vagina. She felt a serious stomach pain and was taken to hospital. After a week she died.

    There are more serious issues in our society. I do not know whom should we blame?

  13. Yeah! I do have the knowledge that many Women in remote areas are deprived of the very basic necessities - Whisper (or any of its kind for that matter).

    Our Government is providing free bicycle for studying girls, Bhagyalakshmi Yojana for every baby girl born and so on. It feels really good.

    In the context of this subject matter, can we think of Government providing 'Whisper' to Women in remote rural areas who cannot afford it? This can easily be made a reality with the Department of Women & Child Development operating in association with the Primary Healthcare Centers, which are already been established and having a very strong and wide network across rural areas.

    Will this 'Whisper' reach the decision makers? :o)


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