Sunday, May 15, 2011

a step away..!

Two days of the year, specially dedicated to Women, have just passed by - March 8th (Women's Day) and May 8th (Mother's Day). Both the days being observed on the 8th date is a unique thing that happened this year, 2011. The latter went without any significant thing happening, but the former was too much a special day for me. All credit goes to Women around, for making March 8th - my day!

08-03-2011, Women's Day, was yet another day for me at work. As usual, I had reached office a bit late than my reporting time at 7 in the morning. After a couple of hours attending to my chores, I walked in to the Accounts Department to get my salary slip printed. There are two ladies in Accounts, Shashikala in her mid 40s and Eliana in her mid 50s, who were busy with files and papers then. Normally, I try to distract them by talking to our attendant Murugesh as they may feel disturbed if spoken directly.

Me: Murugesh, you know today is a very special day? Especially in Accounts Dept...
Murugesh: Is it sir? What is special today?
It's Women's Day..
So, how will that be special for us? We are not women!
It is special, coz the women here will be getting sweets to all of us while they celebrate Women's Day
Both the ladies spoke at once: Sure sir, what sweets you like to have?
They were smiling happily, which made me feel proud for getting the timing just right.
Am fine with any sweet, how about you Murugesh?
Me too sir..
Ok, we will get it for you all
I had printed my pay slip logging in to HRMS by then and moved back to my place.

In an hour's time, I was called for to the Accounts; Shashikala Mam had sweets in her hand by the time I could reach there. It was a pleasant surprise to me! Bengali sweets were all looking so delicious (didn't get the name though), gave her one, me took two and handed over the rest to Murugesh to distribute to others. I thanked her and got back to work.

The day went hectic, it was half past 4 in the evening when I was walking along Accounts and suddenly Eliana Mam appeared and said: I was looking for you since afternoon sir..
Me: Whats the matter Mam?
Been to the shop myself during lunch and got some sweets for you
Wow! Where are they?
While we reached her desk, Murugesh joined us.
Murugesh: Sir, since afternoon Mam refused my request for having a sweet to eat
Yes Murugesh, I wanted to give first to Prashanth sir as he asked for it
I already had picked one jalebi from the lot and starting eating.
Sir, the sweet is actually for three reasons
Gulp..!! Three reasons..??
Yeah, 1. Today is Women's Day
2. Even though it isn't your job, you have been processing all our salaries every month in time for the past 3 years in HRMS. We should be giving you sweets every month!
aaaah! Never mind.. I too want salary right?
3. Yours is the best behavior with women I have ever seen in this office. You always talk to women with respect and never use words that might hurt us.
I never had a clue what to speak in response.
Can I have one more jalebi Mam?
Sure sir, you can have the entire thing
Thanks, so that I will not be asking for sweets next time due to 'sugar complaint'..??
Everybody: LoL..

On my way back home, was feeling very happy and good within. I knew it wasn't easy to get such a compliment from ladies, especially when it comes to behavior of Men. It definitely has piled up loads of responsibility on my shoulders for rest of the life. I text-ed my wife and shared with few friends of mine about this. All replied in appreciation and my wife said 'good dear.. keep it up'.

That day, I literally was flying and for me, heaven was just a step away..


  1. Proud of you my chweet Husband :0)

  2. There you are. I thought you had disappeared!!

    Very good, keep it up :)

  3. Soumya, thanks :o)

    Yeah, days are getting too hectic to be here as before; am not gonna leave this fascinating world of Blogging.

    I see a lot of your writeup but couldn't pay enough time to any of them. Sure, will be landing at your Blog sooner :o)

  4. You better do. I miss you comments and feedback.

  5. Am glad that I got to know your through this blogger world.
    You have made someone feel good and more importantly comfortable. It is not easy for women to be comfortable when men are around. But, your behavior has reached that high degree. Excellent!

  6. Sahana, even am glad to meet such an interactive personality like you on Blogger :o)

    Frankly, Eliana Mam is of the same age as that of my Mom & am really lucky enough to hear such words from her about me.

    Since then, am double cautious on how am gonna behave @work, as I never know whos watching me around! :o)

  7. Awesome Prashanth,

    Keep up the good work!!!
    Your Blogs also shows rest of us about the care, respect and love you have for everyone around you.

    Keep writting

  8. Ramya, your comment makes me feel happy all again. Thanks :o)

    Pain is universal, hurting someone makes myself feel hurted. So, better be humane.

  9. Very sweet of you & very sportive of Shashikala & Eliana Mams!
    You really seem to have grown up to be a “good boy”. Your mother must feel proud!

  10. Sujatha, thanks so much! Yes, they both are too good to work with :o)

    Your statement "You really seem to have grown up to be a good boy" sounds very interesting to me. Do ever we humans grow younger? Think am growing up to be a GOOD OLD MAN :P

  11. I am happy to tell you that you have been awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award". Hope you will accept.
    I have added the link of the post.

  12. I call it 'Culture'! Just the one you possess! :-)
    Preserve it, and pass it on! :-)

  13. Spicy Sweet, thank you so much. I feel honored for the award :o)

    Divya, thank you! Passing on the 'Culture' is a second thought, while preserving it is the primary challenge. Thanks for reminding me of it :o)

  14. Superb prashanth.. you deserve all the accolades.. I have learnt a lot from you.. Proud to be your friend..

  15. Raju, thank you. 'The Stylish Blogger' award was a surprise and shocking one, actually :o)

    'learnt a lot from you'?? - sounds really interesting to me.

    I have been lucky enough to have friends like you around and feel proud for it. Thanks again for staying along :o)


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