Monday, November 7, 2011

My Memories in my Mobile's Eye

My recent official visit to Delhi, Punjab and nearby places have been a memorable one for many reasons. The most important being that this visit kept me off from the much awaited 'first Deepavali festival' celebrations after marriage in my in-law's place.


As usual, I forgot to add the DigiCam in my travel checklist and hence couldn't take clarity pictures. That didn't stop my cell phone from capturing whatever I felt was worth it. So, here are a few of my memories selected from a lot, as seen in my mobile's eye.

The Sainik Rest House, where I spent the whole of my stay in Room No. 4 at first floor. It was inaugurated on 21st Aug 1994. The discipline followed here was the one what I won't forget for quite a long time.

Most of the villages I visited, had a pond, which was used by the livestock (especially buffaloes) to happily wallow on their way back from grazing in the evening. This is a pond of such kind in a village called Lohcheb.

Women seemed to be a lot more active in the farming community. They were seen involved in most of the household and even farming activities.

While women were all busy doing all the chores, both household and field, men had nothing to do other than playing cards and smoking in isolated groups. Hukka - a traditional smoking device is very popular here.

Convenient means of transportation in town was the Motor Rikshaws, just pay Rs. 8 to travel any distance once within the town limits. Often, they are found (over) crowded; they rule the suburb streets, seemed to be better than our dangerous BMTC buses.

Riding a two-wheeler is real fun! No compulsion on helmet and no limit on the number of pillions. It feels good to zoom across a traffic police, with no helmet and importantly without being caught. I really missed my bike over there.

If you are a driver and love the joy of long drives like me, it was a special experience and a unique feeling while we drove in the National Highway 1 from New Delhi towards Punjab.

May be the Sainik Rest House effect, I couldn't stop my cell phone from clicking this lovely tri-color proudly flying on top of the whole world in Kurukshetra.

The famous huge Bronze Sculpture of Geethopadesam at Kurukshetra. This was sculpted by Padmashree Ram V. Sutar and Sri. Anil R. Sutar and was hoisted on 16th Dec 2007.

Me, generally used to the sight of a flock of sheep grazing around the bushes, I literally exclaimed on seeing a Caravan of Camels grazing along the roadside. I just couldn't believe my own eyes!

It was a few hundred kilometers away from the Thar Desert, we could see the clear glimpse of it! A dry patch of land in the State of Rajasthan, which are very commonly found.

An endangered tiny holy temple along the Hariyana State Highway, fighting for its existence against the widening roadways near a small village called Manoharpur.

Lovely sight of River Sutlej along its way across Punjab, which is all set to engulf the bright red hot Sun to make sky darker at night.

A pleasant evening, where we can find the Sunset happening beyond the paddy fields, the high-tension transmission cables, the farther trees and the misty sky in a village called Gangthan.


  1. Awesome photos!! I would want to go there sometime :) You have had a nice 'business trip' :P

  2. aah! the dry patch- never seen anything like that
    the women riding the bullock - quite something

    seems to be a memorable trip indeed - nice pics & the description of each pic

  3. Divya, thanks! Sure, some places are definitely worth visiting and some, better not :o)

    Sujatha, yeah. Even it was my first time seeing such mere dry patches of land. Surprising was to see women doing many of the work which are done by men in the South :o)

  4. I have visited these places Prashanth. Still I got goose bumps.

    PS: I am making an article ready for Kahale. Had written about Deepavali long back, I could not find time to mail you in the Pune shifting. Now, that article may not be appropriate. Next article will be on G P Rajaratnam. Please share your email id. mine is

  5. Thanks Sahana, for the way of expressing your feelings on seeing this post :o)

    Regarding Kahale, thank you so much.. I have sent you a mail :D


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