Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Pledge

After a long time, I visited my nephew who is studying in Grade III @ Kendriya Vidyala, Chennai. He has grown up so 'mature', I never was that in his age! To bug him for a while on the occasion of Children's Day, I kept on asking him what all he was taught at School. One of the many things he told me was this:
Our Pledge
India is my Country.
All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters.
I love my Country & I am proud of its rich and varied Heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give respect to my Parents, Teachers & all Elders and treat everyone with courtesy.
I shall be kind to Plants and Animals.
To my Country and my People, I pledge my Devotion.
In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my Happiness.
Though we were taught all these at childhood, it felt 'all new' to me as he read it out. For what we 'elders' are today, I did feel ashamed and had nothing more to ask; but lots to introspect.

Happy Children's Day to all kid(do)s!!


  1. What actually we are celebrating this "CHILDREN'S DAY",is the birthday of our great scholar ,writer ,first prime minister of India,the Jawaharalal Nehru .He is the rootcause person,and 1st man in the world whose- ambition and wish was that,his birthday should be celebrated as childrens day.He was such a lover of children!!!.He sacrificed his birthday for the memory of children. It will be improper and unjustice!if we dont remember him 'Today'...That is why children popularly call him as- "CHACHA NEHRU ZINDABAD".
    During this auspicious day ,we shall encourage and love all our children's good deeds, goodnature,helping hand,and hidden talents in them and give them a big hand!. I wish all children "HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY"

  2. Sir, nod to every single sentence of yours. A very nicely compiled comment :o)

  3. Really Soumya, given a chance I would prefer to be a school-going kid forever :o)

  4. Prashanth..... when I was in school, used to feel to grow up soon and enjoy the life like elders:-)...... but now realizing the life without tension, happens only in school-life.... if you get a chance of going back to school, please take me also.....:0)

  5. Ha ha ha..
    Given a change, will definitely take you along; its a pledge for sure :o)


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