Monday, July 4, 2011

Handsome Hubby!

How to make ur Wife happy?
It's not at all difficult..
U only need to be a:
1. Friend
2. Companion
3. Lover
4. Chef
5. Electrician
6. Carpenter
7. Plumber
8. Mechanic
9. Decorator
312. Good Listener
313. Organizer
314. Good Luggage Lifter
315. Very Clean
316. Sympathetic
317. Athletic
1054. Courageous
1055. Determined
1056. True
1057. Dependable
1058. Intelligent
10013. Psychologist
10014. Pest Exterminator
10015. Psychiatrist
10016. Healer
3110010. Stylish
3110011. Driver
So, better be a bachelor and stay happy alone..

If you are a girl reading this post, I know you already have a comment right away. Please, do read on..

The above was an SMS I received on my cell phone few days back. First person to whom I forwarded that message was my better half, wife. 'no better work dear?' was a quick reply from her! I know she wasn’t angry; but, sure she wasn’t happy reading that message either.

It was my superior at work who sent me that message, from whom I have learnt a lot about life. He is very happy for being married since the past 30 years; and sometimes I do see a 'newly married man' in him when he speaks about his wife and married life. Also, he was the only person to counsel me about married life before my marriage, which definitely was worth listening. Frankly, am lucky enough to have someone like him with me at this important stage of my life.

I had also forwarded the same SMS to my junior and got a response 'ur wife is lucky Sir, u have all the listed characters'. Is it..?! Well, I did not proceed ahead to perform a postmortem on that statement. Truth is that my wife asks nothing else but thinks I still need to give her more time of mine in a day. Yes! It is a genuine ask from her and that's her right, anyways.

In life of Women, Men play a vital role; at least in a male-dominant society like ours. The less said (often unsaid) is also true - In life of Men, Women play a vital role. In my personal opinion, relationship of Husband & Wife is something that one should never miss to have in a lifetime - it is a unique feeling, which am unable to put in any known words here. If you are married, you know what I mean; if not, please get married to the right person at the right time.

My desktop and laptop computers are two biggest enemies of my wife these days; when am with any one of those, I easily forget rest of the world. Though our relation is more than nine years older now, living together as partners is a new life altogether. I know she is sort of hurt when she says 'in next janam, you should be my wife and me, your husband'. I strongly hope that it does happen, for the only reason that we get to live yet another life together. Toughest ask of my life so far (and even, forever) is to be a 'good' husband (am going to be one, for sure). However, I have realized that it's easy to be a human; but very hard to make a 'Handsome Hubby'.


  1. A normal SMS going around led to after thoughts and self-study.
    Handsome is your loved ones perspective. Don't you think for a loving wife, her man will be the most handsome person on earth.
    That is how I think.

    At last, I would like to say, Hand some hubby time to your wifey. ;) I know you would love to. You will know that it is not at all difficult to make a handsome hubby because you will know that you already are one!

  2. Sahana, you are right! For a loving wife, her man will be the most handsome person on earth. But still, every husband will not be actually handsome (am not talking of looks, anyway); else we could never get to see any married women suffering.

    Yup, am learning and successful in spending some quality time with my family everyday.

    Thanks for your comments :o)

  3. Lol, is all I can say Prashanth! :-P Good post :-)

  4. Divya, you LOL on seeing my condition? Too bad.. too bad!

    Anyways, thanks for the compliment about the post :o)

  5. u have a knack for picking d most unique (& totally relevant) image for ur posts. like d one here.

    point no.314 - absolutely true!! but u c, with my 5 feet 2 inches & 50kg frame against his 6 feet 3 inches & 97kg frame itna toh banta hai,, na? :))

  6. Sujatha, thanks for the compliment about image selection. Actually, many a times, the credit goes to Google Images! :o)

    So, you mean to say other than point 314 nothing matches your hubby? Well, then I need to forward a link of this post to your hubby :D

  7. Dear Prash,
    Husband need not to be a handsome hubby every time but should know how to manage things at the right time... n my handsome hubby is doing that all the time... I can say loudly that the endless points listed above is nothing in front of you my dear hubby.... :0)

  8. Oh! Thanks dear. I thought you have lost the habit of reading Blog after marriage :o)

    So, I now have the privilege to spend and write more here. Right? :D

  9. Of course!! But condition(s) apply*

    *should not forget the world in front of the desktop or laptop

  10. Ha ha ha.. sure. I will try to abide to the conditions :o)

  11. Relax,You are already a 'handsome hubby' to ur wife... :)


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