Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I felt odd, bad and even sad after seeing it was on 19-Sep-2011 the last post was written in my Blog. However, satisfying is the fact that a complex Web App was successfully developed during this brief pause. While I scribble these few words together to make some sense, Samparka Kranti Express is heading towards New Delhi, where I have to stay for the next 10 days on official work. The A/C here, to me, is as suffocating as ever!

Traveling in BMTC busses is fun; BUS DAY is turning out to be a good 'culture', serving many causes. But, the general public commuting in BMTC doesn't seem to have developed any better 'culture' than before. Especially, it touches deep down the heart when aged elders ain't given comfortable space they deserve by the youth; have we forgotten the general basics of life taught to us in childhood?

Carrying my usual two luggages - one lunch & accessories and the other, laptop & accessories has never been easy in BMTC. In the begining of this month, when life gotten messed up throwing unknown output errors and thereby increasing load on the backend, I wasn't prepared to make way to anyone. It was highly embarassing to see an elderly person struggling standing while me and another youth were comfortably sitting. Inspite of my unmanageable luggages, couldn't wait too long for my fellow traveller to make way for the elder. Since he never seemed being bothered by the situation, I soon made my way for the old man.

Opportunity never knocks twice; I didn't  get a chance to sit throughout the journey. We had almost reached Majestic and the young man who had no 'culture', touched his wrist watch to flip off the lid and sensed both the needles with his fingertips; couldn't believe my eyes!! While I gradually collapsed within, feeling really sorry for what all I had been thinking about him for so long, the young man pulled a walking stick out of his bag and headed towards the exit door.

For a moment, I lost myself but recovered soon and followed the young man. Standing behind, I could see him unfold the walking stick and try to find his usual way from an unusual place;
'Where you want to go?' - my question to him ended his efforts of finding the way and he replied '17th platform, Sir'. I held his hand, took him across the bus way on to the platform lane and said 'walk along the same lane for a distance and you'll be in 17th, now we are in 12th platform'. 'Thank you Sir' - tone of his reply was thankingly polite and he started walking along, gently tapping the platform edges on his way.

With no sight, the young man successfully started making his way towards destination. But I was completely lost in the midst of the busy-moving crowd, standing staring at the man with a walking stick who slowly disappeared from my perceivable vision.


  1. Yes Prashant, at times we judge people too early and dont give them chance! but truth is what you have written wait, see, think well before you judge someone!

    Nice post

  2. Ramya, many a times we actually might not want to judge people but our mind does it 'subconsciously'. Mind is one thing I haven't been able to successfully take control of.

    Thanks for your comment in appreciation :o)

  3. 'ಪ್ರತ್ಯಕ್ಷವಾಗಿ ಕಂಡರೂ ಪ್ರಮಾಣಿಸಿ ನೋಡು'
    Probably, the saying goes aptly here. The late posts does say that you are extremely busy with your work. Hope you enjoy the Delhi stay! All the best! :)

  4. Sahana, what you said is very very true; we should be extremely careful.

    Yup, the Delhi visit is official, so no way to enjoy (with my wife back in Blore :P). Days are hectic here too and thanks so much for your wishes. I do need much of them :o)

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  5. yes, an almost one month long gap between too posts is :(

    the incident you narrated is touching & i could see how it made you "collapse within" . it does happen that way sometimes

  6. Right Sujatha. Sometimes, we fail to see things even with a good pair of eyes. Here, I did and that made me to collapse.

    aaaammmmmm.. didn't want to make the gap exceed a month, so wrote this post while I was travelling :o)


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