Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back to School

Summer holidays are all over and the Schools are all open!!

Atmosphere was very calm these days since our neighbour kids were been to native for summer holidays. When they are at Home, it seems to me like better they go out so that I can concentrate on something what I do. But, for the past couple of months I have been missing these kids too very much. They do not stay mum at Home, doing some or the other noise and what irritates me a lot is that they get their friends to play volley ball or foot ball in the street at around 9pm.. I just wonder what makes them to play at that time! Lot many times in the past two months I literally was waiting to hear them playing at night.. none of them turned up actually.

Whenever seeing kids, I always want to be like them. If it was possible, I would better be a school-going kid forever! Plucking flowers in the garden, scribbling on the walls, playing in the mud, forgetting to write homework, losing pencil and eraser, breaking scales, tearing pages in the book, crying in want of a chocolate - all these things I miss doing now. Sometimes I really get frustrated, "is there any one good reason for that we got to grow with time?".

Schools seem to have been reopened from last week, I see children going to school in the morning. Its a pleasure watching them - new uniform, new bag (not heavy, at least now..), new lunch basket, new water bottle, new pair of shoes, some of them wearing pant instead of half-pant (hopefully they got to higher schooling), trimmed hairs.. they totally look new and afresh. Most of the times they walk to school telling their friends how they spent their holidays, great adventures they did, new toys they bought, new games they played, etc., etc.. Every child has its own story to tell, usually animated when describing. Seeing them, I did remember my school days - never I went to school with so much of enthusiasm as what children show these days. Even today I remember the way I ran out of school on day one and reached Mom.. she was walking back Home at a fair distance after dropping me. Following summer holidays, it was a pain for me to get back to school and study. Many a times I was thinking "why not my School be always closed?", which never happened and if it ever happened, I would have not been what am today!

It is practically impossible for me to get back my childhood days, me have now grown up - I regret. There is no any better way for me than watching kids and getting involved in their happiness. That way, at least for sometime I feel "childish" - otherwise what I avoid to be.

I extend every kid a warm welcome back to School and wish all of them have a very very successful academic year ahead. Happy Schooling!


  1. Yes we all do really miss our childhood days but we can all be child at heart always. :) Isn't it?

  2. hmmm.. yes Pradeep, it indeed is possible to remain kids at heart. But, not for a normal individual like me. How much ever I try to be innocent, the more criminal (he he) my mind thinks :D

  3. There will be something which can bring your inner child out for sure! we all have innocence.. !

  4. Exactly Rashmi!
    I know there is innocence within me but dormant. Your blog and above comment has made me to draft another blog post. Thank you. :)


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