Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was reading one of my friend's blog the day before and found the pictures included in the blog post quite familiar. Reading the description, I found that they were snaps taken at my working place - Hesaraghatta!

HESARAGHATTA: Approximately 25-odd Kms away from Bengaluru city, it is a place of bio-diversity I should say. Apart from the presence of a huge lake, there are many Govt. Organizations involved in various Animal Husbandry activities.
Hesaraghatta Lake
It is a place surrounded by total greenery, attracting large number of visitors.
Fodder Plot at our Institute
Presence of Nrityagrama (a private Institute nurturing Art - Dance) and Our Native Village (a Resort) adds to the beauty.
Antique Car at Nrithyagrama
Altogether, it is a nice, cool, and interesting picnic spot for a weekend; far far... far away from the congested traffic and killing pollution of the City.

I have been working at Hesaraghatta in one of the Govt. Organizations for the past three years now. Seeing the snaps uploaded in my friend's blog, I was just amazed! Never I did realize of being lucky enough to work in a place like Hesaraghatta. Each one of the snaps were so impressive, it was actually impossible for me to believe my own eyes. Immediately, I did a File Search in my laptop and got the ZIPped file containing the snaps taken in and around Hesaraghatta when my friends visited me on a weekend. The beauty of the landscape was as amazing as what I saw in my friend's blog post; just lost myself looking at the snaps, one by one.

Well, then, why is it I did not manage to recognize this beauty of nature practically? Believe me, at least twice a day I travel alongside Hesaraghatta lake and once a week to CPDO&TI and other nearby Institutes. Never did the beauty stuck my senses; else, let me put it this way - never I did see the natural beauty around. Why so? Am I blind at heart? Don't think so; if yes - I wouldn't have been impressed with the snaps anyways. Since its my working place, did my intellect happen to shut the doors of innocence which is necessary to perceive the nature's beauty? What made me so insensitive? Am I not the real myself anymore? Where did my Prashanth who jumped with joy seeing a spinning top, flying kite, hopping frog and sailing boat go? Is he still alive? If yes, where is he? Whats the reason I turned so materialistic? When did my definition of Life change? Think its the right time now to dig and find out the innocent me, well before I utterly fail to keep the real human alive within myself.


  1. So true. Sometimes it happens that, we get so lost in the hustle and bustle of the city, that we fail to notice the little pleasures of life.
    It might be just watching the rain or watching little kids play or just watching the scenic beauty of the things that lie right next to us! :)

  2. I think these 'little pleasures' what you pointed out will definitely play very important role in keeping our lives ticking. I regret that most of the times we just neglect them!


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