Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thimmi (ತಿಮ್ಮಿ)

Thimmi (ತಿಮ್ಮಿ)
She never was just 'that'!
Better to humans, in Character;
Superior to civilised, in Common Sense;
Similar to siblings, in Love;
On par to pals, in Friendship;
Exceptional to dogs, in Affection;
Equal to Angels, in Heaven;
Sigh.. yes, Thimmi is now 'dead'.

Just can't believe that she is no more.. never can I, in this lifetime! And, it was indeed a shocking news to almost every staff at Office. "It wasn't the age to die", we felt; and neither was she ill. She was at her normal health, had given birth to four lovely puppies, fortnight and a week ago. None of her puppies stayed with her for more than a month; people used to take them away, knowing the character of Thimmi! Finally she had left her kids herself, forever, before anyone could separate them from her.

"If you happen to believe someone in Office, it was Thimmi alone" - not too long since I said this to one of my superiors at work. There was an 'unknown' force binding us together, since our first meet when I resumed Office 3 years ago. Be it late at night or early in the morning; no matter I rode bike or drove my car in, she could easily pick the glimpse of me every single time - she was the only one who knew me well, than anyone else at work.

One evening, when I was at Office, my parents, sister and brother-in-law visited me. As soon as the car stopped in front of the Office (though I was not in the car and my brother-in-law was driving), Thimmi ran to my car wagging her tail with love and affection to everyone getting down, as though they were known to her since ages. She did what I should have done; how best can anyone welcome Guests?

She was the most disciplined in Office; never crossed the door to enter any of the rooms. Instead, she would wait with patience at the door, until someone attended her. Thimmi also was very sincere; tough to trespassers at night, am sure our watchman finds it hard at night without her around, anymore.

Often she visited me at lunch and since she whelped, we had lunch together almost everyday. Not a single day Thimmi snatched food from me, but used to politely wait for me to offer her some. Last time we met and had food together was on 04th September 2010; Mom had packed me 4 chapatis for lunch, we had two each - I never knew it would be the last time. Wonder if she very well knew that I was deputed for Training from 06th September and could not again get a chance to dine together!!

When I report back to Office on 22nd, guess it would be the toughest part in my Career - "How could I ever imagine that place without Thimmi?" is one question I don't find answer to. Thimmi definitely had found herself a very special place in my life, which remains reserved only for her, forever. Though she has managed to make a move out of this 'world', Thimmi always lives and can never get out off my 'heart'.. Never!

Oh almighty God, please let her Soul rest in permanent Peace.


  1. oh!! god what a bad news.should i believe u? really shocking!dont know what t say..such a good, lovely, friendly one left us alone.
    i have heard about her a lot but met only once.i cannot forget her sincerity and affection she showed when we dropped into ur office by car.she came running wagging her tail when the car just entered in thinking that u have arrived.we all got down fearing that she would bite us .she sniffed, wagged her tail and ran at u to inform that we r there.i think she guessed us.. brilliant.many a times we forget to do this .
    i am feeling v bad.wish thimmi comes back in yet another form .

  2. Hmm Sis.. very sad that Thimmi isn't around anymore. None of them who knew her can deny the fact that she was a 'real gem'.

    She continues to be with us, forever, at least in our sweet memories..


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