Sunday, September 5, 2010


Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
A couple of days ago, morning, we had one of our higher authorities calling us to inform that a retired IAS Officer (I defer to reveal his personal identity here) will be visiting us mid-day. Said that, it was our responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for his visit. This was nothing new to us, being put to work in a place considered an 'icon' in the Government Department.

Privileged of being in constant touch with our honorable Commissioner, we have enough experience to judge on how an IAS Officer's mentality would be. Adding to it, he was retired, made us to give a second thought at everything around.

He did arrive, on time! I wonder how he had planned his travel to reach us on time irrespective of the congested City traffic (bulk of the credit goes to his driver too). He was such a simple 'old' man, very calm and lived every single moment of his life with lots of patience - I happen to realize it at the very first sight. He did receive all the hospitality and comforts, along with greater satisfaction (as he puts it himself) of being provided with what he came expecting to us. His brief visit ended with few minutes left to a couple of meaningful hours. All his words said to us were invaluable, the way he encouraged we youngsters was simply sensational.

In a short period of time, he successfully imbibed some of his eminent characters within us. Before he left, said "I, actually wanted to visit you as an enthusiastic student; learning is a continuous process in life. But you made me feel like an IAS Officer again. Thank you all".

I just can't imagine how humble he still is! The very thinking of wanting to be a student is exceptional. He had taught me a very 'big' lesson in a very 'small' duration of time I got to spend with him. Just being with 'great personality' makes us feel 'really great', I had to believe this.

In life, I have been learning from everyone and everything ever possible; my parents, my sisters, all my teachers (everyone, I never can forget any of them), all my friends, superiors at work, colleagues, my subordinates at work, the Nature, from life and even the unknown. Whatever am today, I feel is molded most by rest of the world; and a minute by myself.

On this auspicious eve of Teacher's Day, 5th September 2010, though I have a lot of things to write about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, (deserving not to do so) I better thought to commemorate the efforts of every single person and thing around me in making me what am today. My sincere thanks to one and all, even you too!

Happy Teacher's Day.


  1. Thank a lot sir, very nicely you write the topic on occasion of Teachers day.

    I hope only in our country we are celebrating "TEACHERS DAY" Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan one who showed teaching profession is best among all profession. Anything in this world who thoughts us about life starting from Mother(mother is the first teacher), Father, Friends everyone is "GURU".
    After 100 years also students talks about there teachers. Happy "TEACHERS DAY" for all teachers.The Teaching profession can change anything on this earth Starting from today if all teachers decides how should be the country by next 20 years same way they can bring up new generation.

    Focusing only on defence/ science/country free of bribes/discipline/preferring our Ayurveda/
    CHANAKYA (Mourya), VIDYARANYA (Vijayanagara).....more who maded historical places for themself as teachers.

    Still today in our country there is a lot of respect for teachers. Only teachers can change our country by 2020 as "SUPER POWER COUNTRY".Salute to all teachers for ever.

    If we all want to share about our teachers I think there is no words to express. I feel my teachers (school,college) are always better when compare to others.

  2. Nagaraj, thanks for your comments.

    Yes, teachers can actually shape up the youth who actually gonna take our Society and Country ahead in the future. Agree or not, every one of us do have a 'role model' in life - most probably our TEACHER!! :o)

  3. Hey Prashanth!!

    I really missed out to check the blog on the Special day.... Late than never, just thought I would share my experience as a Primary Teacher where I was too young for the profession and those little kids had changed me a lot with their innocent & mischievous behavior. When I see any Teachers, I really feel the accountability they are taking to mold today's youngsters for future generation.

    When you spoke about the Role-Model, I had an incident which made me to feel so proud that am not able to express in words now. I had a student who was very poor in Communication and I had taken a chance to make her to learn atleast basic words which will help her to communicate. But she has taken the basic learning so seriously and during Farewell occasion, she has given a speech on "Importance of Teachers in Life" and at the end, she concluded that am her Role-Model. I was stunned and at the same time, I had tears in my eyes out of joy. Once she grows up, don't know whether she remembers me or not, but those words are still ever-green in my book.

    Atlast but not the least, this day is a very special day for all of us to remember our Teachers and acknowledge their dedication which has helped us to grow at this level.

    Thanks alot Prashanth for giving me a chance to share my never-spoken thoughts.

  4. Veena, feels really good to read your unspoken words here. I know it indeed is a feeling to rejoice within and hardly can put it in words. Thanks for sharing it here :o)

  5. i had really forgotten this auspicious day..but i never did like this before..feeling bad..that i dint wish any of my teachers this time.
    actually u know prashanth when i was working in sjiim hospital as a physician,i had gifted a pen to al my teachers (may be arround 25)on teachers day..they all felt v happy, with a smile they kept that small gift it in their pocket (with pride which i could observe).they praised and blessed me saying that after passing out of college no body turn back usually.oh!that was the great day which provided me a chance to show my gratitude 2 my teachers.i wish i would get yet another chances..
    how ever big we r, i hope we should respect our teachers til we r.. since they r responsible for what we r now.
    as u have correctly said we will b learning throughout the life.
    student life is golden life
    i am sorry respected teachers
    guru bramha gurur vishnu gurudevo maheshwaraha
    guru sakshath param bramha tasmay sri guruve namaha

  6. Sister, you are lucky enough to get blessed by your Teachers. Well done! :o)


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