Sunday, September 26, 2010

Madras Eye in Bengaluru

Conjunctivitis (Madras Eye)

If your eyes are itching a bit more than usual or if your eyes have turned a bit more red than usual or if there is more watery discharge from your eyes than usual or if your eyes look a little more swollen than usual - get alert; Madras Eye is now in Bengaluru!

Lately in the City, I have seen a few of them amongst the general public having typical signs of Madras Eye infection - redness, itchy & swollen eyes with quite a bit of discharge. A friend of mine has also managed to pick the infection from sources unknown and recovered.

Conjunctivitis, commonly called as 'Madras Eye' or 'Bangladesh Eye' or 'Pink Eye' or 'Red Eye' is actually an acute inflammatory condition of the thin outermost layer of the eye, involving the inner surface of the eyelids too. Causes being Viral, Bacterial and Allergic, Conjunctivitis is said to be milder with Bacterial origin - which seems to be prevalent in Bengaluru since the infection seems to be not so severe.

Infection spreads by air and by coming in direct contact with the discharge from an infected eye. If bound to travel in public transport vehicles, you never know in which corner the infection exists. Best way to avoid picking infection is to wash hands often and keep a fair distance away from an already infected eye. With symptoms of Conjunctivitis, do make some time to get an immediate appointment and visit your Family Physician without fail.

Belladonna, a Homeopathy Medicine, when taken 4 pills a day for 3 days is said to develop an immune response sufficient to protect us from getting infected. Belladonna (200 Potency, 30 size Globules) is available in HomeoWorld (Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, 100 meters ahead of Mantri Square towards your right) and 2 Drams pills would be sufficient for say a family of 5 members. Euphrasia (30 Potency, 30 size Globules) is said to be the treatment for Madras Eye in Homeopathy - consulting a Homeopath is, however, highly recommended.

Prevention is always better than Cure. Eyes are the most beautiful part of a Girl's face; Boys do need them to see the beauty! So, beware and protect your valuable Eyes; no matter you donate them or not, later.


  1. @Prashanth grandpa has got this too

    "Eyes are the most beautiful part of a Girl's face; Boys do need them to see the beauty!"
    Very controversial statement to make...

  2. Deepa, those words you quoted from my writeup are not actually mine. For that matter, every word I speak or write is not basically mine; would have read or heard it somewhere and I just repeat them circumstantially :o)

    Well, you say its controversial. Then, the whole lot of Poetry from great writers should be tagged controversial too. Right?

  3. @Prashanth
    Oh! We're taught here day in and day out to quote our sources...or we're accused of plagiarism : O

    Yeah, to see something as controversial is entirely subjective. What is controversial to me may not be controversial to you and vice-versa. I think that's the beauty of art and literature :o)

  4. Well concluded Deepa!

    I second 'your' statement made on Art and Literature. You have gotten all the desired typical characters to be a true 'Journalist' by now :o)

  5. @Prashanth
    Oh my! Thanks macha ;))
    I feel positive *smiles

  6. A very informative post! In fact, most of your posts are "eye-openers"! :-P (Heavy statement to digest? :-P )

  7. Oh, yeah! It definitely is too heavy statement to digest. Thanks for those encouraging words Divya :o)

  8. "sarva indriyanam nayanam pradhnam"
    ayurveda says of all five sense organs eye is the most important one since its the main source of sense of sight.through sight we feel the surrounding environment,object.what ever seen through the eyes can be remembered and understood gives the pratyaksha pramana of every thing.
    disease never leave any organs,eyes.. that to r exposed to pollution directly every min. to keep ur eyes healthy and bright i have some tips for u which u can adopt and keep away from eye disorders jnana mudra for 10min. it especially increases the immune of eyes .it increases the brightness(kanthi) of eyes.if pregnant women practices this mudra,she can protect child from blindness.
    take triphala gritha(ghee) or choorna(power)daily to keep away from wearing glasses.
    2.we wash our face daily with closing our eyes but dont forget to wash eyes with cold pure drinking water here cleanses eyes and relives the strain of eyes.
    3.for burning eyes, keep- rose water swab/cucumber slice/alovera pulp slice/rose petals/plain water swab on eye lids for half an hr.
    4.when eyes are inflammed-wash eyes with decoction(cold) prepared with turmeric(antiseptic)/triphala choorna.
    along with the above take vit A supplements like carrot juice/milk shake,pappaya,drumstick leaves,alternanthera sessilis leaves(honagone soppu).

  9. Thanks for the very informative comment and health tips about our Eye Sister :o)

    After you mentioned, wonder if it was ages since I even ever thought of washing my eyes; since my eyes are always closed when washing face. Interesting!


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