Sunday, August 29, 2010

do WE matter??

Who Matters?
Honorable Finance Minister, Mr. Pranab Kumar Mukherjee was in the Loksabha Sessions lately when his cell phone rang! Who else can manage to get the cell phone number of a Finance Minister? It should definitely be a very important caller at the other end. No other ways, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee had to attend the call. It was indeed embarrassing for him, as it was a 'promotional call' from the service provider. Pheww!

Well, now.. how can such thing happen to a Finance Minister? That too when he was attending Loksabha Sessions? (What happens in the Sessions? Need not be mentioned I guess.. its rather an Open Secret, live telecast) Something should be done about this!

Youngest ever MP in the history of Indian Parliament, presently the Minister of State in the Ministry of Communications and Technology, Mr. Sachin Pilot was all set to take brisk action against these 'unwanted calls'. Soon he gave a statement to Media "Government will take necessary action to completely ban such unwanted calls and SMS". He continued "Unwanted Calls are now a menace, which doesn't exist in any other Country. Mobile Phone service providers are already been instructed to stop such Calls & SMS gradually". Exceptional, isn't it? Young blood has already started to change things around.

In any given single day, I do receive such unwanted calls and sms, at least about 5 to 10 each on my cell phone. Me having two of them, makes life worse. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if said that each one of us having a cell phone are receiving such unwanted calls and sms (as what I do) every day. It's almost like part and parcel of our daily life!

When just a single call to a Finance Minister can result in totally banning unwanted calls and sms in the Country, why not for our sake? Isn't it a menace for every citizen too? Is this the way we are treated by our Democracy? Somewhere (at least..), do WE all really matter to someone (at least..)? I just doubt it.


  1. I was about to blog on a similar topic! :o)
    From reading what you have written on this, all I can observe is that it takes an unwanted call/sms to the FM for the Government to take necessary action to eradicate the menace.
    That speaks volumes about our democracy.

  2. Oh! Almost a coincidence Deepa.. looking forward to your 'rant' on a similar topic :o)

    Does democracy now means - "of the Politicians, by the Politicians, for the Politicians"??

  3. According to Oscar Wilde;Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people!.

  4. @Prashanth

    I wouldn't want to be a pessimist or a cynic in agreeing with your statement, though it does have a strong element of truth with respect to our country.
    But, I'd like to point out a basic fact here. WE elect our politicians. Our Netas are US, at the end of the day. And the reality of democracy cannot deny that.

  5. Rashmi, "bludgeoning" makes it all meaningful! Good quote :o)

    Deepa, I agree that WE elect our politicians (that is OUR right in Democracy, at least!). But, the whole concept of 'ELECTION', to me, seems to have lost its real meaning and charm. As we see everywhere today, corruption has also successfully crept in here. Also, how far our present politicians deserve the term 'NETAS'??

  6. @Prashanth is a sad reality. I don't deny it. But, if WE as citizens lose hope in democracy, it is not going to lead us anywhere. WE have to be IN the system to fight the system.

  7. Well, nod nod! So, how do we initiate the fight Deepa?

  8. @Prashanth
    Step 1: VOTE!
    Step 2: Encourage others to do so too
    Step 3: Fight corruption (seems unreal but is POSSIBLE)


  9. Thanks Deepa.

    1. Since I turned 18, never have missed to vote! But, its a surprising reality that the party whom I vote never wins!! So, opposition parties can bribe me to vote for ruling party so that they lose in the elections. Again, corruption!! :o)

    2. Yeah! I insist every one of my contacts to not miss voting in election. However, the response is a sort of so-so..

    3. Hmmm.. this is a tough call! If WE try to fight corruption, it will simply uproot US. That is the POWER OF CORRUPTION..

  10. @Prashanth

    1. I am glad you vote. I wouldn't want to die of guilt and hence I admit that I haven't. I still don't have a Voter ID Card and yes, I am ashamed of the same : O

    2. I do the same too. Creating awareness about the importance of voting. But yes, as I do not do so myself, people have every right to question me on it. But as long as they don't, I continue my rant on voting and the power of democracy

    3. Corruption is OUR own creation. If we have CREATED it, we can DESTROY it too.

  11. Deepa, your debate "Corruption is OUR own creation. If we have CREATED it, we can DESTROY it too" sounds great.

    But, practically, how true will that be?

  12. @Prashanth
    It isn't a's a proposal. That's how I'd like to put it.
    Well, for one, let's not be so pessimist and cynical about the current state of affairs. It's our own dirt. WE, as a collective, need to clear it. But the problem, I feel, is that the dirt has piled so much that no one is willing to take responsibility to clear it up. Hence my emphasis on the word WE. Collectively, one can achieve what today seems to be Utopian.

  13. Well, agreed. So, now, how do WE start off Deepa? :o)

  14. Hope you find interesting a similar discussion which is on here -

  15. @Prashanth
    For starters, first BELIEVE in its possibility. The rest will be fine :))

  16. unwanted trin..trin is not only disturbing ur busy schedule, but also causing many health hazards! cell phones r a LIVE BOMB in pocket.
    the research report says, if u carry cell in
    1.belt it leads to osteoporosis
    2.pant pocket it leads to male infertility
    3.hang round the neck it leads to cardiac problems, breast ca
    if we speak for long time it leads to deafness,brain tumor and ca
    what not else the list goes on..
    but still we r behind it.we have become the slaves of technology taking the country towards development(of new incurable health hazards)??
    i hardly use my cell..people who call me always feel like throwing there mobiles..i feel happy because they "THROW AWAY BEFORE IT BLAST".

  17. Well said Sis :o)

    Even I feel to throw my cell phone away when you actually don't pick my call :o\

    But, it is quite difficult to keep away technology in today's life. We have somehow ourselves made it an integral part of our life!

    Thanks. I got lots to ponder upon your comment..


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