Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gobi Manchurian, love it?

Be it a posh 5-Star hotel or a road-side eatery, Gobi Manchurian - basically a Chinese preparation finds it's existence everywhere in Bengaluru. The weather is so chill, been raining all day yesterday; I just am planning to hang out to eat something hot, tasty and spicy - Gobi Manchurian, so very yummy!

Gobi Manchurian
Errrrr.. the sun (looking at the sky) hasn't yet sunk, the real pleasure of eating Gobi Manchurian is at its best during night (no idea, why?!). Let me share something with you while the sun slowly finds his way to the other side of the world.

A couple of weeks ago, on my way back from office, stuck in the City's usual congested traffic, I happen to see a bunch of fresh, delicious, clean, healthy-looking Cauliflower piled up in a vegetable shop. They were so clean and fresh-looking; I don't ever remember even Mom managing to clean them so good at kitchen! I was all tempted to buy a couple of them; but the (really) slow moving traffic kept me off.

Fresh Cauliflower
Very recently (may be a couple of days ago), when having dinner (that's the time I usually manage to watch Television), TV-9 anchored a program in which the secret of the 'freshness' of Cauliflower was unveiled - ENDOSULFAN.


Endosulfan is a colorless organochloride compound, widely used as a pesticide (insecticide & acaricide) against whiteflys, aphids, leafhoppers, potato beetles and cabbage worms. Use of this poisonous compound is banned in most of the Countries across the world; but, India still remains the world's largest producer & largest user of Endosulfan. Manufactured by Hindustan Insecticides Ltd. (a Govt. of India Enterprise -, the product is marketed with a statutory note to be sparingly used. Practically, farmers are reported to be using the pesticide enough to make sure that abundant residues are stuffed-in to the Cauliflower before harvesting. Adding to this, farmers are taking all the pain to dip each and every single harvested Cauliflower in a bucket-full of Endosulfan solution (huhhh!) and make it look absolutely clean before dumping them to the Market to get a HANDsome money in return.

Endosulfan is reported to be acutely neurotoxic to insects and mammals, including humans. It adversely affects the Central Nervous System (CNS), Cardiovascular, Respiratory systems and also impairs Hepatic functions. Its severity of action during Pregnancy is shocking, resulting in major physical abnormalities in the new born. It is powerful enough to affect even the animals, substantiating evidences speak the truth. Googling a bit about Endosulfan, I found its extensive use in Kasaragod district of Kerala from the late 70s to 2001 has resulted in a tragedy, that continues to exist even today.

Endosulfan Victims in Kasaragod (Kerala)
Before Govt. of India takes any crucial & firm decision, how many dumb animals are to be disabled? How many more of us should fall victims to this deadly poison?? How many innocent children are to be born disabled for life??? How far the residues of Endosulfan are to be added to the Environment in alarming quantities????

Well, forget all these debate. Now, its time for me to order a plate full of 'Endosulfan Gobi Munchurian'. Are you game for it as well?


  1. Bhat sir, the post through which you took an entry, makes me quite uncomfortable to extend a warm welcome.

    Anyways, Welcome to my Blog! :o)

  2. i LOVE Gobhi Manchurian!! :-))

  3. Ha ha ha ha.. no issues Deepa, I will order for you too!!

  4. @Prashanth
    That's the BEST thing they prepare for the veggies here at my hostel. Lots of oil, lots of spice, lots of garlic. BAD for health. GREAT to taste! :-D

  5. Hey Prashanth,
    Informative message on hot n spicy Gobi manchurian. While going thru the blog, Mom was around me. She thought that am reading something related on how to clean Gobi... ha ha ha!!! Though, she got it right.... but I explained her what you have written in medical terms to get the clean & Fresh Gobi.... She was surprised and she asked to pass on "Bunch of thanks" to you for sharing such an informative message. :o)

  6. Deepa, very true! What is good to taste might not always be good for health. Be in your hostel, I would rather have preferred to be a non-veggy :o)

    Veena, many thanks to Mom and you too. I wonder if Mom also asked "don't he have any other better work to do?" he he

  7. "Endosulfan Gobi Munchurian" with a plate full of troubles just for Rs.10...........only
    CATCH ME IF YOU CAN......(Its me Endosulfan)

  8. Prashanth, no doubt the clean looking cauliflower that attracted you very much!! Can you imagine, to grow such a flower how much of endosulfan may probably be used by the farm to overcome worms and insects? We usually don't think about the illeffects. We simply like to enjoy its taste. Especially children will be very crazy to eat this spicy oily stuff. If once they enlightened about its adverse effects, toxicity of endosulfan, they may not like to eat it again.
    SO it is better to put a statutory warning like this in all gobi manchuri shops....


  9. Nagaraj, just Rs.10 only is not enough, if you put advertise like this without any prize nobody likes to enter your competition. Keep some lump-some amount, to attract children & senior citizens for participation in eating competition after getting some money from endosulfan company.... and see and enjoy the aftereffects of endosulfan in them .Give prize for the eater who shows the minimum symptoms of endosulfan induced effects.

  10. "Endosulfan Gobi Munchurian" with a plate full of troubles just for Rs.10...........only
    CATCH ME IF YOU CAN......(Its me Endosulfan)
    I am farmers friendly offering good price to farmers and offered at low cost for the public.
    My taste, colour, texture,sensory characters will attract you too.......come have it "If you dare you will reach top position very soon (Policy will be stretched for generation to generation as a genetic mutilation)"
    I will satisfy your dew appetite that why public placed me in this position.Who bothers for health? just enjoy the life with lifespan average about 25-35 years.(LIC.....extra bonus for person who reaches the top at the earliest)

  11. Hmmmm... nice debate :D

    ENDOSULFAN => is the BUZZ in TV9 this evening! :o)

  12. hi prashanth,nice topic and was informative..even i was behind gobi when ever i went to buy vegetabls,and after reading this.. oh! should i stop gobi at kitchen?quite difficult.if we screen the way the food articles grown now a days, say no to food,even water,of course air..than how to live????
    we cannot put every thing on govt.we should start growing some veg in our garden,though difficult its all the way good for let ur home be small,and make some free space in front to cultivate start it soon and get good exercise,pure air,and health..its boring na.ok..ok i will stop

  13. Firstly, a warm welcome to my Blog.. Sister. Nice to see you around :o)

    Right! We cannot and should not sit idle by just blaming the Govt. Every one of us should take the responsibility and act in our own possible ways, which will definitely make huge differences.

    It wasn't actually boring, indeed thought provoking. Thanks for the comments and I shall try my best to follow your suggestion :o)

  14. Very informative!
    Its not just Gobi, many edibles are subjected to harmful chemicals like this. Difficult to select what to eat and what not!

  15. Pari, welcome to my Blog!

    Yes, life isn't all that easy on Planet Earth now.. :o)

  16. It is good that you have linked endosulfan (callisulfan) to cauliflower with appropriate picture. This is great service. Please read the Kannada version of 'Enmakaje'(a malayalee novel based on the endless tragedies of Padre village in Kasaragodu. The kannada novel is recently published by Ankita Book. One day you can write a good review in your blog.
    Nagesh Hegde

  17. Nagesh Sir, firstly, I would like to extend you a warm welcome to my Blog!

    Am glad that you like the presentation of this writeup. Thanks so much for recommending the novel in Kannada, I would definitely be interested in it. Not sure if am all that good at 'review writing'. But will surely make a note of whatever I feel after reading the novel. Please do keep in touch :o)

  18. Endosulfan victims in Kasargod?

    These are patients of a disease called Handigodu. The first case was reported in 1975 in parts of Malnad. Kasargod was one of the places affected by this syndrome.

    These victims are falsely posed as Endosulfan victims for certain vested interests.

  19. Liars on Fire, welcome to my Blog :o)

    I do not know the background of 'vested interests' behind posting them as victims of endosulfan. Sure, will try to do a bit of search on that. Thanks for your comment.

  20. There is clear link between the two. You can have a look at this to understand the vested Interests of Europian Union.


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