Monday, August 9, 2010

PRESS - No Offence?!

DISCLAIMER: This post is all about a mere observation. Need not be otherwise considered offensive.


Still afresh in my mind:
  1. Watching on a leading TV News Channel (don't wanna name it anyways), highlighted coverage of a Government Servant being made a mess of, for having written BBMP on his personal vehicle!
  2. Reading in a leading newspaper (again, don't wanna..), an exaggerated report on how Government Vehicles are being used for personal purposes (like dropping their kids to School).
The reporters got a 'nice pat' on their back, for such a brave achievement, both of which gained lots of attention. Government vehicles are public property, they burn fuel bought of public money, they are meant to serve the public, they are to be used for a public cause.. what not? Responses poured in! The concerned Government Officials were rightly embarrassed. Nothing wrong, haann?

Last Saturday, a Honda City drove into our Office premises. An elderly gentleman, walked straight to me and asked if he could have a look around our Farm! By the time we ended our conversation, his wife, daughter, and son had joined him. Digicam with the son, half-eaten pack of Bingo with the daughter, easy-to-travel suit of the wife and cool dark goggle of the gentleman gave me an impression that the family was on a weekend picnic. Nothing wrong, haann?

The bold and red (I wonder why, always written red?.. danger huhhh?) PRESS tag (both front and rear) on their vehicle caught my attention in no time. Though I managed to keep off the red tagged car, my camera couldn't.

How can this 'elderly' gentleman paste the PRESS tag, in bold and red, to his personal vehicle? (In my honest opinion, the Honda City had all the characters of a typical personal vehicle; alas! am not an RTO Official to issue a Certificate in justification) Hey, no! It is his Company vehicle.. Oh, great! Then, how was it his family hanging around in his office vehicle for a cool weekend picnic?

Media, has always imPRESSed public by preaching 'Rules & Ethics'. Whats it when the coin is flipped? Its real true when said 'we are blind to our own shadow'!


  1. Well observed, I must say.
    I have also always wondered the Red factor in the rods PRESS. Red implies attention and I guess the words inscribed in red are a way of alerting the person in question that you are dealing with something you possibly cannot play with
    Misuse of any power is both questionable and contemptible.

  2. Don't know why, soon after I posted this writeup and was reading your even-dated blog post, felt you would be the first person to comment. Thanks Deepa!

    Did you mean of alerting the public or even the person himself using it? I guess, it should be both?? So, now, you entering the danger(?) zone, be alert! :o)

    I should be very grateful to you, for indirectly mentioning the fact which was intentionally dropped out off my writeup -

    "PRESS, more often is used as a WEAPON, rather than a TOOL"

  3. and also it is a very well known fact that many people just put 'press'on their vehicle so that they can fake the advantage of being 'privileged'..

  4. Rightly pointed out Rashmi!

    EXPLOITATION is one of the many 'unique' characters of we humans :o)

  5. @Prashanth
    "Press is more often used as a WEAPON, rather than a TOOL"
    I am not sure if I agree yet with this statement but I would definitely call it a generalization. Also, sometimes, "Press" NEEDS to be used as a weapon so as to fulfill its purpose of being an information tool. I think both work simultaneously. Do refute me if you see any problem areas in that argument.

    The word PRESS comes with a responsibility...both for the card holder and the public, in general who faces it. That's how I'd like to put it.

    P.S. Sorry for late reply...was caught up with PRESS work ;-)

  6. May be Deepa, rather than me, you should be well aware of it being in the same profession. It did sound diplomatic when you held both responsible. Good!

    So, getting busy with work?? Keep it up :o)

  7. @Prashanth
    Does it sound diplomatic? It sounds more like a balanced (unbiased) statement to me.
    Getting busy with work?
    Yeah, very. Life as a reporter has become as unorganized as it could get!!! I am literally hunting for story ideas :-O

  8. aaammmm, it did seem to (at least, me) be diplomatic (used synonymously to tactful) the way you handled the debate. You definitely gonna be using this more often in the future days to come by :o)

    Reporters should be presenting the 'facts' right? Why 'story'? (he he, hope you pick it with the right spirit)

  9. @Prashanth

    Any news is referred to as a news story in the journalism world. So, you'll often find reporters hunting for news story ideas which is then reported backed by facts so as to form a readable news for the readers.

  10. Well observed.I must say this.
    Doctor,I seen d Allways are doctors are observed peasants,because where their is a peasants there is doctors.
    But what we observed you totally different.
    You know what i observed girls,nature,books,good hotels,beakery's,and all those other things.
    previews what you lorn i don't.because your doctor or writer,Piotr.
    Now I strongly decided cuneform you both.
    PRESS. this tag why is paste you know?
    I know very well
    (1)Because They escaped by traffic police.(He/She don't have vehicles documents)
    (2)He/She expecting compliments,Name and fame from others.(oh! is working press,be-carefuller,other way is writing and creating any bad impurest to our this)
    So in future no body should do this foolish things.

  11. Deepa, I see! Good you came across my blog and taking time to post comments. Am now getting an insight about the fascinating world of Journalism. Thanks, keep them always coming in :o)

    Chandu, our Profession shouldn't interfere or change oneself. Whatever we are, can't be anything other than a Human. And, its my aim in life that I want to try (guess, impossible) to be a real human being.

    Errrr.. I don't agree to consider it a 'foolish' thing. Anyways, if you think it is, I respect your thoughts. One should live life in a way to satisfy ones own inner conscious. If done, that should make Planet Earth a far better place for sure to make a satisfied living :o)

  12. Wonderful writing both and blog and comment section.. :)


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