Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Sister..

How can in words, I say you are so so special to me?!

When in College, how can I forget that the pocket money you gave was always bigger than my Wallet; so that I had enough to spend and even lend?!

How can I forget, on Raksha Bandhan you never missed to tie me a Rakhi and got me enough sweets to eat?!

Till date, how can I forget, the way you carefully selected dresses for me to wear; so that I never happen to learn choose them myself?!

How can I forget, each day morning, the pain you take in joining hands with mom and dad to prepare and pack my breakfast and lunch; so that I stay healthier?!

Every year, how can I forget, the pleasure with which you celebrate my birthday and the offerings you make to God; so that I will always be happy?!

This year, how did I forget, to wish my Sweet Sister yesterday, 16th August 2010, on her very special Birthday; so that I have proved myself so irresponsible and careless?!

Please.. please.. do not pamper me so much.. am sorry..

am sorry..
Taking the privilege of being born younger to you, I fall at your feet on my knees, praying to forgive for being so rude; and to bless me to be more responsible (at least) with my dear loved special ones.

"Happy Birthday my Dear Sister.."


  1. Don't worry Prashanth.... I wished sister behalf of you :-)

  2. Oh! Is it Veena? Chooooooo Chveeeeeeet.. Thank you so much :o)

    At least, you should have reminded me yesterday, right? :o|

  3. **corrected version **
    You what know.... even I wished lil late but not too late like you :0)
    Am really sorry dear for not reminding..... thought you would be reminding me rather :-(
    I have an idea.... make her very special on 24Aug, ie Raksha Bandan day.... surprise her with something which she likes most!!!

  4. Veena, know what?? That's a cool idea.. so started using your brains, haaan?! :o)

  5. Please dont tell me that..... you should give me a treat for giving such a wonderful idea :-)

  6. Send a link of this post to ur sis... I'm sure it will bring a smile on her face :)

  7. Thanks Guddu, my sister read this post on the same day I wrote it. Yes, she was very happy and told would write a comment :o)

    Often they say Doctors have very little time for anything other than their patients. My sister is nothing different..

  8. hi prashanth,dont know what to say.but one thing is true,this time even though late i celebrated my bd v grand.do u know how by getting into ur feelings and love u have for me.
    i have done nothing different.. just like any other sis will do this. i was embarrassed.my eyes were filled with tears of joy..
    thank u god gifting a v sweet brother


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