Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A couple of months ago, the scenario were quite different. I was wondering why Sun was so harsh on us! They were the hottest days I ever happen to see in Bengaluru. Now, it’s exactly the opposite.. been quite some time we could see the Sun coming out from behind the dark clouds.

Today morning, on my way to office, the Sun kept himself fairly visible for a moment. I felt to open my arms wide and let every part of my rusted body be energized by the powerful rays of Sun. It felt as though Sun wanted to ‘just say hi’.. and I did not miss his pose:

A few meters ahead, it was drizzling.. I just can’t imagine! No other way for me than closing my arms tight to keep myself warm. But, the drizzle was too mild, soft and soothing.. I just took my helmet off:
Nature – is all unpredictable; lovely; amazing; and powerful. Isn’t it?

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