Thursday, July 29, 2010

INR joined World Currencies

Indian Rupee

A warm welcome to the newcomer! Popular currencies Dollar, Yen, Pound & Euro now have a new friend - Indian Rupee (INR).

All these days, Indian Rupee was using the notation 'Rs'. Thanks to D. Uday Kumar, a Bombay IIT post-graduate from Tamil Nadu for designing the new symbol of Indian Currency, which is a combination of 'Ra' of Devanagari and Roman 'R'.

Rupee Foradian is the font required to digitally type the new symbol of Indian Rupee. You can download the Rupee Foradian Version 3.0 font and install it in your Computer. After installing the font, you can type the new Indian Rupee symbol by selecting the Rupee Foradian font and hitting the tilde (~) key.

Cool wallpapers of the all new Indian Rupee Symbol is designed by BrandMango Team and is freely available for download here.

(Just a couple of days left for ITR Filing for Assessment Year 2010-11. A writeup of mine about ITR e-filing is available here)

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