Thursday, July 8, 2010


We (at least, me) usually happen to take simple mistakes of others and speak as though they have committed a blunder. Hardly we even plan to think that mistakes are (common) to happen and even we commit mistakes often. Personally, most of the times I try to give a bit 'more' of 'gyan' (which, I actually want to avoid) when someone does a very simple mistake. Here is a recent example:

Assistant Director, my immediate superior at work was traveling to Shimoga on some personal work with his family. They had the onward journey tickets reserved, I was asked to book the return journey tickets for four of them on 06-07-2010. On 3rd, I tried to book the tickets in IRCTC Website but no reservations were available. Did a bit of 'research' and found there were 220 SL reservations vacant in a bi-weekly train, which operated only on Tuesdays and Sundays. "They are lucky" I thought, since 6th was Tuesday. Departure was at 4:40. I called Asst. Director over phone -

"Sir, what time you will be done with the marriage function?"
"Maximum say by around 3pm, Prashanth"
"Then no problem Sir, departure is at 4:40. I will book it"
"Good, forward me a copy of the ticket later"

I booked the ticket and thought will forward it later, but forgot! It was afternoon on 4th, Sunday, Sir called me and asked if I had sent the ticket. Since I forgot, said to him "will forward it right away, Sir".

Since it was Sunday, am not at Home and didn't have access to internet. Called up one of my friend -

"Hello.. can you do me a favour?"
"Whats that?"
"Login to IRCTC website and forward a journey ticket"
"Give me the details.."

So sweet.. gave her all the necessary details and she told it was sent from my Gmail id. Well, my S(f)unday continued. It was on 5th, Monday, I got a call from Sir -

"Prashanth, in the ticket you forwarded, the seat numbers are not seen?"
"Is it Sir?.. Will check again.."

Since it was Bharath Bandh, I had no better work to do. Checked the 'Sent Items' and saw that seat numbers were missing. I sent another copy of the ticket and called him to confirm, he was fine.

What did she do? My friend whom I asked to forward the journey ticket, had sent it without seat numbers! How can she do such a mistake? She may think it is a simple mistake, but to me it wasn't. How can someone travel without the reserved seat numbers? So simple, but why didn't she realize? Time to give her some 'gyan'..

Since it was Bandh day, voice calls were also bandh (he he); so I text-d her:

"U had sent d journey tickets wid no seat nos.."
I got a reply SMS - "Is it?.. I think it was there.."
"If u want, check d sent items in my mail id"
"I might have clicked on d pnr link instead of print ticket.."
"U should take responsibility when doing something.."

I felt it was too much on my part, and thought to wrap it up with the below SMS:

"Gud dat am not ur team leader, else u would have ended up telling TLs have no better work than finding mistakes n shouting at us.."

No reply.. conversation ends. Thought I did enough to make her realize her mistake, that is good..

On 6th, I was in Office at around 4:30pm and got a call from my Asst. Director:

"Hello Sir.."
"Tell me Sir.."
"Think the train had already left at 4:40, in the morning"
".. Sir??"
"I spoke to the station master here, he said 4:40 was in the morning and if it was evening, it would have been 16:40"
"Oh! Sorry Sir.. how you will travel back?"
"Will see.. we should try to get some bus and reach. You file a TDR online"
"Okay Sir.."

Call ended.

Now, seat numbers had no relevance and felt like my friend to whom I gave all the 'gyan' came in front of me, she was smiling I suppose; or .. was she laughing at me? Whatever, I had no courage to tell her the matter directly. Hopefully she will read this post and send an SMS to me:
"Gud dat am not ur asst. director, else u would have ended up telling directors have no better work than finding mistakes n sacking us.."


  1. I liked the fact that u r ready to accept ur mistake in Public by this Post :)

  2. Hmmm.. I find no offense in accepting my mistakes, simple or serious, in reserved or public. Thanks :o)

  3. Thanks for sharing.. really an eyeopener post.. :-)

  4. Raju, you are welcome!
    It did open your eyes; at the same time it has also CLOSED my mouth.. I now am learning to stop giving 'fluent' gyan ;o)

  5. Hey Prashanth!!
    Still you can continue with your gyans. I really appreciate the way you have accepted the fact and spoken out in the blog. :-)
    Your friend will never feel bad of your gyans but she would love to hear the same matter thru text ha ha.....
    Now its your chance to take the gyan!! Ha ha

  6. Sure Veena, I 'rightly' deserve all the 'gyan' :o)

  7. hahaha....nice from now on Prashanth...think before you speak !

  8. Yes Priya,
    A new practice of mine, that was taught to me in LKG - 'finger on your lips'..


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