Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My 'Marriage'

According to me (personally), Marriage seems to be:

1. Selection Vs. Compulsion

2. Ambition Vs. Tradition

3. Simplicity Vs. Exaggeration

4. Concepts Vs. Customs

5. Family Vs. Society

6. Values Vs. Valuables

7. Education Vs. Qualification

8. Requirement Vs. Acquirement

9. Parents Vs. In-laws

    If I go in to the details of every one of the above, it won't be a Blog Post; would be a Novel instead. So, I let it to your imagination and set your thoughts free to fight the said battles. Should you be eagerly interested to add more to the list, most welcome!

    Oh! Did you happen to search for my marriage dates and venue in this post? Am really sorry if you think it was a confusing and controversial Title. With the title, I just wanted to mean 'what according to me is Marriage?'. And sure, I will never forget to personally invite you for my marriage function when it happens; before that, I got to get a comprehensive win in all the above listed Battles. Until then, happy reading..



    1. Hey Prashanth! Interesting post! Though I don't have much to say about the topic, hope you'd invite me for ur marriage :-P :-)

    2. Divya,
      Nice to see you back, hope you enjoyed your holidays..
      Thanks so much for your comment. Sure, I will definitely invite you to my marriage and please do come and 'bless' us :o)

    3. Yeah, I enjoyed my holidays thoroughly. Mumbai, Surathkal and other wonderful places were my destinations :-)
      And here I am, Back to namma Bengaluru :-)
      And you'd better invite me for your marriage! (yes, this is a THREAT! :-P )

    4. THREAT!!
      You are the first to threaten me in this regard.. ha ha ha
      Am really afraid of threats, so definitely am gonna invite you :o)


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    Please post your comments. Thank you!