Saturday, January 22, 2011

Karnataka Bandh

Karnataka Bandh : TV9 Exclusive Pictures
22nd day of January 2011, Public all over the State staged Karnataka Bandh. Had they no better work to do? 'No. Six crore Kannadigas expressed their rage towards the decision of sanction given by Governor H. R. Bhardwaj, to prosecute Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa on allegations of corruption' - said BJP Spokesperson. I was all set to deliver a talk on Control of Bovine Tuberculosis in a training program today at Southern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, needless to mention that all my overnight efforts of preparation went in vain.

When none felt so, 'it was a self-motivated bandh by the Public' feels the ruling party alone! If true, I definitely have to appreciate the real swift decision with action of Public, vowing the fact that a state-wide protest initiated self-motivated; in less than a few hours. 'Was there a need to a self-motivated bandh be called for?' questioned the opposition and opined 'it was nothing more than a Govt-Sponsored Strike'. Like govt-sponsored bicycle, govt-sponsored ambulance and govt-sponsored bisi-uta, now comes the govt-sponsored bandh; no surprise!

Though I could only see a countable number of BJP members ruining the livelihood of many working class people everywhere, ruling party leaders addressing press told that it was the 'Public' who protested by extending overwhelming support to the BJP. They also said 'except few reports of stone-pelting and lathi-charge along with two buses being set fire, bandh was overall peaceful' - how can a few hundreds of BJP members do every damage allover? It ought to be peaceful, no other ways. For being the Constitutional Authority and sanctioning to prosecute the corrupts, H. R. Bhardwaj had to take all the blame of being responsible for every loss incurred due to today's bandh. The simple word 'Shame' seems to have  been disappeared from the dictionary of politicians; word 'Ethics' would be too much of an ask.

'Karnataka had never witnessed such degree of corruption before' said Mr. K. N. Balaraj, one of the two Advocates who had sought sanction from Governor to prosecute Chief Minister and others on allegations of corruption. Mr. Sirajin Bhasha, the other Advocate seemed confident when said 'there are no political or external forces behind our move and we never will relax until putting an end to this corruption'. No wonder both of them are now the real heros amongst the general Public.



  1. @Prashanth

    It was aweful! I was supposed to go to Mysore. Had to cancel the trip. We though we'd go out in the evening to the city. That plan was chucked too as buses were not on the road until 6 p.m. and that was already too late.

    Peaceful protests seems to be a thing of Gandhian era now.
    And it's ridiculous how the BJP workers are still stuck on the most shameless and corrupt man Karnataka has ever seen.

    P.S. Correction: Politics at its WORST best

  2. Deepa, you are right. It definitely was awful. Due to the benefit a political party and a particular individual, govt took enough 'care' to trouble the Public to the possible max. Shame(period). Shame!

    Well, now, a bit of English Grammar. Both the words WORSE and WORST mean the same as adjectives - 'poorest quality or lowest standard'. So, there is not harm in using any of them as they convey the same meaning. Hopefully, things are clear now :o)

  3. @Prashanth

    Well, both eventually mean the same. Agree.
    But, from what I recall of my school grammar, worst is a superlative (like good, better, best and bad, worse and worst).
    I think what you meant in the concluding statement was the superlative form of bad, which is worst : )


  4. Deepa, thanks for the detailed explanation.

    'WORST BEST' sounds sort of rhyming and feels good to read.

    Corrected and considered for future too :o)

  5. @Prashanth

    Pardon my grammar professor kind of attitude.
    By now, editing and criticism has made its permanent mark in my blood, thanks to my profession : )

  6. Good for you, Deepa! If you are not good at that, you are not fit for your profession.

    Thumbs up :o)

  7. the bandh was so uncalled for.
    the state is witnessing such a shameful kissa kussi ka drama everyday. BSY is such a self-absorbed corrupt politician, busy protecting & fighting for his own chair rather than working for the state. ever since he has come to power, its all about his "struggles" to keep his chair

  8. Sujatha, welcome to my Blog!

    What you said is correct; Chief Minister is busy protecting his chair. Such being the case, how can he even dream of our welfare? I wonder if he even think it is necessary?!


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