Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick ur Partner - the scientific way!

Don't marry the person you think you can live with;
marry only the person you think you can't live without. 
~ James C. Dobson

'Greatest challenge in life is to pick a (nearly) perfect life partner' - My personal opinion. I do not expect everyone to accept this statement of mine! However, one's partner will be most influential in shaping up the post-marital life of an individual. Again, it's my personal thinking 'only'.

Now, let me not get into all the details as to how our parents and elders try and find a match to be our partner for life. Sometimes, individuals happen to face (rather, are forced to face?) huge difficulties in getting their (astrological) profile match with someone, just because they were born on some inauspicious day or time; if this happens with a girl.. God bless her! Such will be the torture imposed on her by our well-educated, modern society in the process of she getting married. Well, for being not responsible to be born on the presumably inauspicious day and time, how fair is it on our part to make him/her the victim of social prejudice? - is another debatable topic altogether.

While we try to match two individuals for compatibility, along with the age-old traditional custom of asking for the horoscope, how if we also request for a recent blood screening report? Did I sound nuts? Hmmm.. I strongly recommend that an would-be partner's blood should be tested, at least for:
1. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS): We ain't getting married to make life a hell, right? It doesn't mean that we are suspecting someone by insisting their blood report for HIV as there are a lot many ways other than unprotected MPS (Multi-Partner Sex) through which one can get infected with HIV. Our intention is only to ensure that an would-be spouse is free from AIDS and not to correlate it for assessment of one's personality the other way round. It is proven that sex is one of the most important factors responsible for a successful married life, which would be impossible without a healthy partner.

2. Blood Group: In recent days, one of the most unpredictable things frequently happening in life is Medical Emergency. We can never say what happens to one, when! Along with the intensive technological development in the health care industry, there seems to be an equivalent increase of risk to life. Blood transfusion might be mandatory in certain emergencies, which cannot be catered to unless we know the blood group of an individual as blood group system in humans is highly convoluted. If we know the blood group of our spouse, we can act wise (anticipatory donor or recipient) in case of any future medical emergencies.

3. Rh Factor: Other important blood group system in humans, which is of utmost importance during blood transfusion and pregnancy. When mother is Rh-negative and father is Rh-positive, the chances of the baby being Rh-positive cannot be ruled out. There are every chances that an Rh-negative mother produce antibodies to destroy the RBCs of an Rh-positive fetus she is carrying in her womb at pregnancy, leading to abortion at worse. Key-factor is the husband to be Rh-negative; so, then, where should all the Rh-positive boys go?! Again, thanks to the advancement in medical technology - we can successfully monitor such pregnancy complications to birth, though the risks are quite high. Knowing mutual blood Rh Factors, it is more comfortable to plan for children after marriage.

Said that, lets see who can make one's ideal partner?

  1. Who is free from HIV. Obviously.
  2. A girl with blood group AB and a boy with blood group O (AB is universal recipient and O is universal donor and ours is a male-dominant society, so let males play the donor and females, recipient).
  3. An Rh-positive girl and Rh-negative boy.

Before our marriage, when asked for compatibility, matching our horoscopes an astrologer predicted that me and my wife would have complications in second and subsequent pregnancies. Though his prediction can be substantiated based on the Rh-compatibility grounds, he had utterly failed in our case since my wife is Rh-positive and me Rh-negative. The astrologer had no time to study the Rh Factor and pregnancy complications, leave him alone please.

If you are yet to get married, be dare enough to ask for a blood report of your would-be partner. Do pick an Rh-negative boy if you are a girl and pick an Rh-positive girl if you are a boy. Happy married life, in advance!


  1. hmm...this is practical if its an arranged marriage.
    wonder if two ppl in love would even think of asking if the other is RH +ve or -ve. it would b d last thing to cross our minds when in love.

  2. Sujatha, you are right! :o)

    'Love is Blind' - I remember reading it somewhere; but, I think Love isn't blind; but, Love just sees what matters.

    I had written this post keeping in mind 'arranged marriage'. If the writeup fails to make the reader understand this, the bias is with my writing skills.

    My only debate was, how if we follow the above along with the orthodox procedures of horoscope, stars, etc., etc., during arranged marriage as we have 'ample' scope for matching.

  3. hey nothing wrong with ur writing skills. it was just a parallel thought that crossed my mind when i read your post which i penned above

  4. Sujatha, thanks for sharing your thoughts; only with mutual interactions we can outlay conclusive strategies.

    I look forward to hear more of your thoughts in my Blog in future too :o)

  5. When your brain rules, the logic rules. If heart rules, emotions rule. It is upto the nature of the person whose rule will be follow. Best combo would be heart-brain-heart :)

  6. Well, nice theory Spicy. It did touch the heart and reach the brain too :o)


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